Homberg (Efze)

Schloßberg Homberg Efze - Hessentagstadt 2008


Visit the Hohenburg once! From up there you have a wide view of the whole of Chattenland. The Reformation city of Hesse lies at the foot of the castle. You can overlook the city from the castle hill. On romantic summer evenings, this is exactly the right place for a few nice hours with the family. Let yourself be pampered in the Burgbergstube with food and drinks from the region. On the castle hill you can unwind and look into the deepest lined basalt fountain in Europe (150 meters). All in all, a place for the soul and a nice getaway for the family. The links below provide information about the Burgbergstube and the Burgberg community. She has been campaigning for the preservation of the castle ruins for decades. The castle ruins stand on a basalt cone that overlooks the Efze valley. The castle was fortified by the Merovingian times in the 8th century at the latest. In a document from 1162 "Rentwig de Hohenberg" is mentioned as a knightly lord of the castle. He was initially a feudal man of the Prince Abbot von Hersfeld, but from 1190 he became a vassal of Landgrave Hermann von Thuringia. In 1219 Ludwig IV of Thuringia drove out the Hohenberger for feudal treason and installed a landgrave bailiff at the castle. When Hesse began to form an independent principality after the Ludowingers died out in 1247, the castle remained in the possession of the sovereign and was rebuilt several times in the following centuries. Landgrave Hermann, Archbishop of Cologne from 1480 to 1508 and Lord von Homberg, renewed the building in the style of a Renaissance castle, and Landgrave Moritz von Hessen initiated extensive reinforcements of the external fortifications at the beginning of the 17th century and let Narrow Kaldic miners through the basalt rock between 1605 and 1613 sunk a 150 meter deep well through it. Castle fountains and romantic weddings The castle was destroyed in the Thirty Years War and not rebuilt. The Burgbergemeinde, active since 1936, endeavors to secure the historical heritage through excavation, security and renovation work. The focus was on the exposure of the castle fountain and the preparation of the Marstallkeller, which also functions as a branch of the Homberg registry office for holding the Homberger Rosenhochzeiten is used.


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