Stockelache natural bathing lake


The 10 hectare "Stockelache" natural bathing lake is an ideal swimming destination for the whole family in the middle of the Schwalmpforte, between Altenburg and Kuhberg. Those who only catch a first glimpse of the wonderful terrain from the passing A 49 get excited about leisure and bathing fun. Sandy beach, bathing islands, non-swimmer area, 50 meter water slide, fountains, four beach volleyball fields, pedal boat rental, adventure playground, barbecue areas and an almost endless, well-tended sunbathing area are particularly suitable for sporty and sun-hungry guests of all ages. When the really crisp frost causes the temperatures to drop in winter, people can go ice-skating on the frozen lake surface until late in the evening.

Singliser See

Due to optimal wind conditions, the "Singliser See" has made a name for itself as a surfing paradise far beyond the borders of the region. The optimal location of the 74 hectare body of water and the constant wind conditions ensure that sails are constantly counting on the lake from spring to late autumn. The circular route leads walkers, hikers and cyclists past the flora and fauna in the shallow water zones on the northern bank and provides an insight into the protected area of ​​the Schwalm meadows. The former coast guard boat "KW 18" of the German Navy has found its permanent berth on the southern bank and serves as a clubhouse for the Borken Marine Comradeship. A visit is always possible after prior registration.

Borken Mining Museum


Adventure underground & above ground Roaring turbines & rattling excavators Fun & games around "coal & energy" Nature and industrial culture for children and adults food and drink in the museum café "Kohldampf"

Open-air museum and visitor gallery


The mining adventure - the energy arc - the fascination of changing landscapes. Visit the Hessian lignite mining museum in Borken and experience rattling excavators, smoking power plant boilers, buddy catchers and rotating coal extraction devices. Under the heading "Discover industrial culture - experience landscape change" we take you right into the working world of miners and power plants. Vivid. Inspiring. Astute. Mining underground and above ground. The Hessian Lignite Mining Museum was named the best museum in Hesse and Thuringia in 2006 with the Museum Prize of the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen -Thuringia excellent.

Visitor gallery

Excursion underground - the visitor mine Am Amtsgericht 2-4, 34582 Borken (Hesse) A tunnel mouth hole leads into the underground exhibition area of ​​the Hessian Lignite Mining Museum. The visitor gallery presents the miners' daily work in a thematically structured way. At the individual underground stations, visitors learn how the exact location of the raw material deposits is determined using exploratory drilling, the coal was extracted using a pick, shovel and chain conveyor or by blasting, and which mechanical extraction equipment was used. The underground excursion takes you right into the working world of miners. The exhibits will be shown to visitors "in progress". Creaking, compressed air-operated drilling equipment, rotating rollers of cutter loaders, coal-stealing tunneling machines, shield supports that support earth, rattling conveyor belts with buddy catchers - all of this can be experienced on site. The Steigerstube for the "buttering underground" (the breakfast break) and the mine rescue room were also part of this work environment, unknown to many, which, characterized by darkness, crampedness, noise, dirt, dust and artificial light supply, has always been perceived as hard, laborious and dangerous has been. Transport logistics were of great importance in the operations of a lignite mine. With a chain conveyor, conveyor belts and the monorail, the visitor gallery also presents typical means of transport from different eras and explains the subterranean world of civil engineering in terms of a history of technological development. Adventure tunnels for children Seven to twelve year olds can experience the mining working conditions in a playful way in a specially designed, museum educational area (the children's adventure tunnel). On this underground trip, which takes place after a guided tour through the visitor mine, the focus is on expanding the possibilities of perception for young visitors. The focus of the mediation is on the feeling of complete darkness, drafts, noise, heat and "disorientation underground". Safety underground: the buddy catcher Underground routes and tunnels often stretch for kilometers. In order to save long journeys, miners use coal conveyor belts for transport. If the buddies - tired and exhausted after the shift - nod off when driving out, there is a risk of being thrown at the end of the conveyor belt. To prevent this, rubber aprons are hung over the conveyor belt. The miners hit these rubber aprons, are woken up and can jump off the conveyor belt in good time. These rubber aprons are called buddy catchers.

Landgasthof Wiegand

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